Support Lincoln by Joining the PTSA !

Click here for Spanish version of this message.

Why Join the Lincoln High School PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) ?

We highly recommend that you become a member of the Lincoln High School PTSA! The PTSA exists to strengthen the community at Lincoln. As a member of the PTSA, you will receive important school and community information. The PTSA also raises money to support the specific needs of our whole school that EVERY student will benefit from. Here are a few PTSA highlights:

  • The PTSA is ensuring that every classroom and school office has a fully supplied
    emergency backpack (see photo below).
  • The Lincoln PTSA also coordinates and supports the Lincoln Student of the Month
    program to ensure that many students are recognized for their hard work and effort on campus.
  • The PTSA provides college scholarships to seniors who meet the qualifications.
  • The PTSA coordinates the Speaker Series program which hosts educational events
    brining relevant topics and valuable information to parents and students
  • The PTSA organizes volunteers for LHS orientation, shadow days and other events on campus

Memberships can be purchased individually (click here) or are included in the Lion Pride Package (click here). Pay by cash or checks payable to Lincoln PTSA or via paypal.

Thank you for supporting Lincoln High School !

The type of backpack which the PTSA is purchasing for classrooms:


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